Keyboard Maestro 9 Free Trial Period?

I am impatiently waiting for IT to purchase the KM 9 upgrade. Can someone tell me how long the free trial period lasts? I know it is quite liberal.

About 30 days.

Thanks, JMichaelTX. IT came through today! We're officially on KM9!

It is normally about a month, but it is extended after a major release to cover the first three months or so.

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43 dollars! Not happening. It's ridiculous to pretend that a student like me, using an old mac with a pc keyboard pays 43$ for this.
This is why other companies have different types of licenses.
Not happening!

Well ok then. Nobody’s forcing you to buy it. Frankly, the majority of the people here would argue that Keyboard Maestro is worth far more than $43 because of how much it can do.


Hi @CN_MG, it is $36, not $43. Where did you see $43?

See the price from the order page:

I'm also a student. An educational discount would be great. However, it's worth paying the full price. I heard about KM from a friend/fellow student and bought v7 in 2016 and have been using it since then. I upgraded to v8 and then v9 without hesitation. If I have to keep only one app and use alternative apps for all other apps, I will probably keep KM.



Hilarious. I'm hoping that you are trolling because no one here can take you serious with that comment.

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 9.08.48 PM

Keyboard Maestro has saved me 9 months of time. 9 Months!!!! And that's just on THIS iMac.
Most of my macros take a second or two to complete. So... 9 months... 23,667,714 seconds. 9 months... SMH. 9 months of doing tasks faster, correct and more efficient than I ever could.
Keyboard Maestro is the best investment I have ever made, in my life, and I'll be 52 in a few weeks. Keyboard Maestro makes every application, that I use, multiple times better. There is nothing, on my machine, close to the usage it serves me. I have a ton of tools but KM ranks #1. Every day, KM organically grows with me. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

But... you are entitled to your opinion.

I will buy the next version, of Keyboard Maestro, sight unseen. PERIOD.


I just took a look at mine. (Lo and behold! As I said in the previous post, I bought it in 2016 (Sep, 29th). So it's been less than 6 years. I think there is probably a bit exaggerated (Also, I had to spend a lot of time in learning and building macros. When I did something wrong, I had to spend time clearing up the mess), but I'm using it many times every day.



KM is the best value in software, in my opinion. Many people pay more for coffee in a month than Keyboard Maestro costs for a perpetual license.


Only a few products in my life have changed my life. I remember BASIC, then APL, then PL/I, then Turbo Pascal, then Keyboard Maestro. A few years ago I used to think that it would be good if Apple bought KM, but now I realize that we'd never get the kind of amazing support from Apple that we get from Peter. I just hope Peter has a plan for KM after he... I can't say it.


Simply put, If Apple ever bought KM (to me it just unlikely), I believe it get killed over time because KM is simply too powerful and flexible for its own good. Apple's strategy in recent years seem to simplify and do thing just enough for mainstream users, not power users, at least in area of automation.

KM is one of most incredible software I ever use because it is very well-designed and powerful with great support from community and vendor, and can do things that I hardly can do it in desktop application. Hard to imagine life without KM for me as I automate everything I can using KM, and having fun using imaginative way to solve problem.


Oh good lord please no! :sweat_smile:

Retires of course! :grinning: