Keyboard Maestro accessibility bugs with VoiceOver


I am a blind macOS fan who has recently decided to give Keyboard Maestro a serious look and I am addicted already. I create this topic for monitoring, reporting and posting workarounds related to any VoiceOver bugs I find. Hopefully the developers of Keyboard Maestro will take time to fix these.


VoiceOver doesn't announce selection status in the "Action" popup menu.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new macro or start editing an existing one.
  2. Add any action, in my case "Search with regular expressions".
  3. With VoiceOver enabled, interact with the action and try to find "Action" button, click it.
  4. Navigate down till it says "Timeout Aborts Macro".
  5. Try pressing Return in order to change the selection status.

Expected result

When the option is enabled, VoiceOver should say "Checked" before the option name.

Actual result

VoiceOver does not understand the value changes for this menu item.

Unable to add action by pressing "VO+Space" on an action

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new macro or start editing an existing one.
  2. Press "CMD+K" to open an action selector.
  3. Choose a category.
  4. With VoiceOver enabled, find an action you wish to add to your macro.
  5. Press "VO+Space" to click on the action.

Expected result

Keyboard Maestro should respect VoiceOver's "Press" command and add the action.

Actual result

Nothing happens after executing the press command.


Double click on an action you wish to add to your macro (VO+SHIFT+SPACE (twice)).