Keyboard Maestro Alternatives for Windows

Hey all, hate to bring up "Windows", but my wife has a process at her job that needs automation. I see a clear path to do what she needs on the Mac via KM, but if she is slaved to the PC, I am looking for input is the nearest alternative to KM so she (or more to the point, me) wont have to totally reboot our brain in support of some new app. Any insights appreciated.

This one is completely different but offers both a Windows and a Mac version:

I have no idea to what level macros can be exchanged between the two apps. I'll send them a mail and ask about this.

The only one I hear about regularly is AutoHotKey.


Me, too, though I've found AutoHotKey to be like Keyboard Maestro pre-alpha version 0.00001.

@radiator I don't know if there's anything like KM on Win. I have two Win computers on my network. I control them via network drive sharing to Finder and a Google Remote Desktop share in Vivaldi browser for visual control using Keyboard Maestro and Hazel, both running on my MBPro. I couldn't make AutoHotKey do anything like KM natively on Windows, and I published The Guide to the Windows Registry.

Maybe try VisualBasic Script?


Hey all, appreciate the comments. Have not taken this on yet as still trying to determine logic via my mac! Many thanks.