Keyboard maestro and better touch tool in conjunction = Big smiles :)

First of all id like to say how much of an amazing tool this is, I’ve been dying in a hole for a week trying to figure out automator. Anyways…

Being a music producer/Dj it involves sorting a lot of music. Ive had this idea when introduced to better touch tools to be able to move selected items from finder into set folders. So for example, when previewing a track that happens to be a hip hop genre, all id have to do is press the hip hop button on my touch bar that’s coloured in green and so on. This works AMAZING as it really cuts down time sorting music and improves my workflow !

Just one thing though in hope that you guys can help me with, when I’m previewing the file in finder (pressing the space bar on a file) and decide to move it, the preview closes and I then have to hit the space bar after selecting the file again. I was wondering if theres a command/script I can put after the chain to let the preview stay on or, move onto the next file similarly if I was deleting the file.

Any help would be much appreciated !

Did you get a solutions to this?

Also would you mind telling mer more of how you set the current solution together?
Are u able to post your settings here?