Keyboard Maestro “Change clipboard to plain text” Macro

I am trying to create a macro to replace each of my clipboard contents with plain text which looks better in my opinion. However, when I tried it, I sent KM into an infinite loop.

Or should I use a 2nd clipboard and just filter all the contents of the system clipboard?

Keyboard Maestro “Change clipboard to plain text” Macro

Change clipboard to plain text.kmmacros (1.8 KB)

Hey Mirizzi,

I think trying to automate this is asking for trouble.

I have a simple keyboard shortcut driven macro to paste as plain text.

Keyboard Maestro “Paste Plain Text” Macro


Thanks. I will stick with the styled clipboard for now and use a similar macro as yours to paste plain text.

I created this Macro but I don't understand the last action Type the CMD+V keystroke?

The command-v step is what causes it to paste, but you could replace that with the Paste action in KM.

The Type a Keystroke action allows you to automate typing of a manual keystroke, using the keystroke shown, ⌘V in this case. It will do the same thing as if you had typed that keystroke yourself.

I use version 9, the editor is not same as which is showed here, but quite similar.
When I pick some text and press control+cmd+v, the plain text isn't paste at where I want it to be, then if I press cmd+v, the plain text is pasted, I think that means the filter have removed the style but the activation "type the keystroke" isn't activated, so where is the problem?

Well, seams this problem has been discussed on the forum before. After insert a 0.1 second pause between remove style and paste, the macro works. And I also found the activation " type the keystroke" can be replaced by "paste" in the activation folder -clipboard.