Keyboard Maestro “Clip URL to Evernote” Macro

Keyboard Maestro “Clip URL to Evernote” Macro

Update re: v2 below

I've left both versions in this thread as they perform almost exactly the same function, for the same reason, but in two different ways. The first version is more programmerly, if you will. It produces a fast, reliable result, but Evernote does not deal with it as expected. If you clip a URL, and use the Evernote menu clipper's fast paste command, it creates a new note with the URL in the body, and the URL as a title. Which is what I was going for. If you do the exact same thing with KM, the note ends up 'Untitled'. v2 is a bit of a kludge just to get a title. It may seem better to some, as we extracted the title of the Web page to use as a title for the note, but it seems less reliable to me, even though it achieves a more useful result.

'Simple' KM macro to paste from Chrome to Evernote in the most heavy handed way possible. This was driven by the HORRIBLE system load of the Evernote Clipper, and Clearly. Both Evernote tools are so brutally slow in Chrome, I don't like to run them. They slow down everything.

This requires that the system Clipper is running, so that it can use the system shortcut 'CTL+CMD+V'.

Clip URL to Evernote.kmmacros (3.8 KB)

I am not seeing this slow performance in Chrome 51.0.2704.103 (2704.103) on macOS 10.11.4, with Evernote Clipper 6.9.

I also have the Clearly extension installed.

I use the Evernote Clipper many times a day without any performance issues.


Uninstall it, and see.

@CareyB, your macro is a great way to quickly copy the URL to Evernote.

But I almost always need at least some content on the web page. So, I really could not do without the Evernote Clipper.

I’m using Chrome right now and it is very responsive – no delays of any kind.
So I’m not seeing the impact of Evernote Clipper you apparently are.
Could the slowness on your system be due to something else, perhaps some other Chrome extension working badly with Evernote?

You might try disabling all other Chrome extensions except Evernote, and see if that fixes the Chrome performance issue. If that does not fix the issue, then you might want to submit a bug report to Evernote.

Good luck!

Been there, tried all that - and more. I’ve given up. Part of the issue is that the clipper clips to Evernote online, and my macro just pastes it into the local client.

Keyboard Maestro “Clip URL to Evernote” Macro v2

v2 is a variation which will give a meaningful title (Title of the Web page), and a URL in the body.

Clip URL to Evernote.kmmacros (4.8 KB)

Carey, you may want to update the macro in your OP so new readers will always see the latest version. Of course, be sure to note the new ver# and date updated. This is generally the practice we encourage.

Ahh… How are you using the acronym, ‘OP’ in this context.

I put both here because they do different things, and someone may want the other. I see your point, though… I think.

By “OP” I meant your Original Post in this topic.

The macros seemed very similar to me, with the update being better.
But it is up to you. What is your usage? Do you use both macros?

If you want to keep separate, you might add a note and link to the OP to the second version.