Keyboard Maestro Dark Mode (macOS Mojave) πŸŒ‘

Just wanted to ask if Keyboard Maestro will implement dark mode for macOS Mojave release?

I honestly would really love for that to happen as I often work during evenings and the glaringly white KM editor is often a pain to use during those times. :disappointed:


I would appreciate that too – for some reason (advancing years ?) I find that I'm shying away from white displays these days, even in daylight.

I'm definitely in favor of Dark Mode. It really makes the graphics pop, and is very easy on the eyes. Here's an example of the Finder:
See macOS - Mojave Preview - Apple

It's not your advanced years, but years of exposure to bright screens. My eyes are a mess because of it although age is a bit of a factor and this just adds to the damage. For a while there has been glasses that you wear while on a computer that lessen the strain. Only wish they had been around years ago.

It's amazing that Apple has not done this years ago. It's been know for as long that the bright screens do damage to your eyes. More so for anyone that spends any time as those of us that would use products like KM.

PLUS when I dev IUs and web media I have always kept this in mind as I design. That's one thing people hate is to have a big glaring page pop up in their faces and they stay on them for less time. I have always had dark desktops and use dark add-ons for browsers and just tried, before this all came up, an app that is suppose to do the white on black start up and it has only worked for the last few seconds of the start up. Otherwise, it's three blaring screens in my face. So for me the "Dark Mode (Side)" is quite welcome and app developers need to jump on this. It's not a fad, but a fact.


I always Wished this forum was dark... I'd stay longer and read more ...


For this forum or for any other website out there you can use Stylish extension to change the look of the site.

Here is a dark theme for Discourse. Just download it and put the URL so it activates on this forum too. It should work. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @nikivi, it worked and it's beautiful. Never heard about that before ! Grateful...

Thanks for sharing. To bad it only works with Safari. I much prefer Chrome.

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It works with Chrome too.

Have you tested it? On the web site it says:

Stylish for Safari

Yep it works.

Where do you get the dark style from?
The only install is for Safari Extensions. Does installing it there make it available to Chrome?
If not, how do I install in Chrome?

Install this chrome extension.

Then add the theme.

OK, thanks. That was the info I needed.
Now working fine in Chrome.

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Now if only there were a way to have Dark Mode for Safari on iOS, so I could read more using my preferred iPad. I guess that takes us back to wishing it was simply baked into Discourse.

It is baked into the newest version of Discourse. If Peter upgrades, this forum can look like this for all users:


This appears to be a post 2.0 feature, so you'll need to wait until it is rolled out in the release version eventually.

It is on my list to look at.

Currently it looks like a lot of work, and so probably not for the Mojave release. I may look at it for Keyboard Maestro 9.0.


I just installed patience 2.0, so all is good. :slight_smile:

In Firefox, one can enable Night Mode.