Keyboard Maestro Discounted Upgrade Finished Soon

Just a reminder, if you purchased Keyboard Maestro version 10, and have not yet purchased the upgrade to version 11, the $18 discounted upgrade price expires on Friday.

The way I structure my upgrades is:

• If you purchased the previous version recently (in this case, back to 1 March 2023), then you receive a free upgrade - no one wants to have to pay again for something they bought a month ago.
• Otherwise, the upgrade fee is $25, except:
• If you purchased version 10 (not received a free upgrade to version 10), then for a short time (in this case, until Friday, 15 December 2023) you can upgrade at the discounted price of $18. This is especially to reward those loyal customers who purchase an upgrade promptly after release each major upgrade.

Of course, no one is under any obligation to upgrade at all, so people are welcome to stay on the previous version if they prefer.

I feel this upgrade process gives the best balance for all my customers, ensuring I am working in their interests, and they are supporting me in doing so.

Hopefully that seems fair and makes sense.