Keyboard Maestro double-typing

I’m trying to write a macro to use in Digital Performer 10 on my 2017 iMac with several steps that that require Keyboard Maestro to type text. The text always wants to type itself twice. For example, instead of 1, it types 11, and instead of -5, it types -5-5.

I’ve tried doing these steps using Keystroke, Type Text, and Paste from Clipboard, and the same thing happens.
If I insert a delete stroke, it delete everything in the box
I’ve also set my keyboard preferences to Key Repeat Off, but no luck.

What am I missing?

Sounds like a text expansion thing.
I use Insert Text by Pasting instead of Insert Text by Typing.
Pasting will have effect in System Clipboard, hence I add a Delete Current Clipboard at the end of my text expansion macro.


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You may need this:

Hi Suiveelil,

As it turns out, the problem (and the solution) were actually in DP10.
I’m up and running!

That's great to hear! Could you please post your solution so that others can benefit?