Keyboard Maestro Editor – Long Launch Time

The time between launching Keyboard Maestro and the editor window coming up is about twenty to thirty seconds. Is there a way I can fix this?

Thanks for the help.

For reference, mine is just about four seconds for a 1.1-MB plist file. I suspect your plist (/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro) is much larger and taking longer to parse.

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Neither my kmsync file nor the .plist file is over 350KB.

My first steps would be:

  • Keyboard Maestro > Help > Open Logs Folder
  • Reading through both logs (Engine.log, Editor.log) to see whether whatever is happening is leaving a trace there during the launch.

Thanks for helping.

Here's from the editor:

2022-07-17 15:45:38 Editor Starting 10.1.1
2022-07-17 15:45:38 Invalid Plug In Action with Name Set Finder Label
Last message repeated 9 times
2022-07-17 15:45:39 Invalid Name (null) for Plug In Action Set Finder Label
2022-07-17 15:46:42 Engine is already running

There isn't anything telling from the log. Just a few macro runs.

Does anything look to you like it might be causing the problem?

I also noticed that when viewing the Preferences window, anytime I click off the "General" tab and then click back on it, it lags for around the same amount of time.

I removed all Keyboard Maestro items in the Application Support folder and the Preferences folder and restored them from a backup. That seemed to do the trick. I don't know what the offending file was, but it's gone now.

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