Keyboard Maestro Editor Not responding

Hi there,

I'm hoping this is the appropriate place to post this.
I wanted to update one of my macros this morning. The macro function is to past a template and includes a copied text from the keyboard. But when I tried it, it went insane, doing things that were not intended. So as I don't have any kill switch I turned off the computer. When turned on again, I opened KeyBoard Maestro Editor to delete this macro. But unfortunately, the editor is not showing at all. Keyboard Maestro Engine appears to be functional, so I can continue to use my shortcuts and macros. However, I am unable to see the editor.

I'm certain that the root issue is the last macro I wrote. I'd like to remove or deactivate it. However, it appears to be impossible outside of the interface. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Yes, I'm using the last version of Keyboard Maestro.

This is what I see when i open the sofware.

You can launch the editor while holding all the modifiers down to quit all running engines and not launch the engine.

But the image you show looks like a system or application corruption issue, not a macro issue.

I suggest you:

  • Restart, holding the Shift key down so no applications launch when you log back in.
  • Download a fresh copy of Keyboard Maestro from
  • Use the Finder to move the Keyboard to the Applications folder, replacing the Keyboard there.
  • Launch Keyboard Maestro and see what happens.
  • Restart (without the shift key) to start applications normally.
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Thanks for the help, I didn't try what you suggested because I had already solved the problem. I discovered that I had a one-month-old backup of one of my important macros, so I simply deleted keyboardmaestro and reinstalled it. I then uploaded the macro, and everything is back to normal.