Keyboard Maestro Engine always crashes on macOS 10.15

After I upgrade my MacBook Pro to macOS 10.15, I found my Keyboard Maestro Engine always disappear from my menu bar and exit unexpectedly. I promise I didn't do anything! But the KM Engine just exit silence!

What's more, when the KM Engine exit, I cannot find it from Alfred or launchpad. When I try to run the Keyboard, the KM Engine can not appear on my menu bar. And the KM editor will also crashes in a minute.

After a few minutes, the KM Engine will restart itself, and suddenly popup. After it restart, I can not use bartender hide the KM Engine! ! !

I really don't know what make this problem happens. Am I the only one who troubled by this problem?

BTW, I am running Keyboard Maestro 9.0.3 on Mac OS X v10.15

I am not receiving any appreciable number of crash reports from Catalina (I am receiving some, so the crash report system appears to be working). Crash reports are down to a very small number now that 10.14 (and 10.15) have resolved the crashing system bug in 10.12-10.13, such that there is now only about one crash per 17 user-years.

So if you are getting crashes, I am not getting your crash reports - send the diagnostic logs to

It would be in the ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports folder.

You can get to ~/Library (which is in your Home folder, but generally hidden from you) in the Finder by holding down the shift (or option) key and selecting Library from the Go menu in the Finder.

But since this is unique as far as I know, my guess would be a corruption on your Mac - the crash report may give an indication of where the problem is.

And yes, I did get your web contact form, but you did not include your email address, so I could not respond.