Keyboard Maestro is unavailable

After a KM update to 11.1, many shortcuts were not working.
e.g. Insert Text by Typing, Move Mouse to, Activate, etc.

After some investigation (thanks to this forum), I looked at the application contents and saw that the Keyboard Maestro is unavailable (Ø over the icon).

Restarted the computer (macOS Big Sur 11.7.10), no change
Deleted and reinstalled KM v11.1, no change
Deleted and reinstalled KM v11.1 & rebooted, no change

It's probably something I should know, but have missed. Any help would be appreciated.

Installing from the root Admin account fixed the issue.

I'm glad you figured it out.

I remember reading your post 5 days ago, because I'll never forget seeing "Ø". But then I forgot about it.

I'm sorry I never responded. I'm just a regular user here, not anyone official, so technically I don't have to respond, but I feel bad anyway.