Keyboard Maestro + Engine hangs on new MacBook M1 Max with Ventura

Hi Guys,

I've been migrating from my iMac Pro to a MacBook M1 Max for a portable setup.

I mainly use KM in conjunction with Metagrid Pro/Metaserver to launch commands on Nuendo, Cubase's big brother, and have made an extensive macro library.

I've imported my setup into KM on the MBP; but for some reason the KM engine (and sometimes KM) keeps hanging, often even on a fresh startup.

What might be related is that I currently have to run Nuendo in Rosetta mode, as not all the plugins I use are native M1 yet (and won't be for some time - there are literally hundreds of them by third party vendors that need to be updated).

But I can't see what is currently causing it to freeze?
Is there any way to debug this?


If by “hang” you mean it freezes up and spins a wheel, either for a long time or forever, then you need to use Activity Monitor to get a Sample while it is spinning and that will tell use where it is and what it is stuck doing.

The most common causes are corrupted Login Items list, or bad entries in the Login Items list, or references to an unmounted volume.

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