Keyboard Maestro “Extract FirstName, FamilyName, Organization and Email From Sender” Macro

Keyboard Maestro “Extract FirstName, FamilyName, Organization and email from sender” Macro

The macro works on the Sender of a mail, which may be in 'friendly' format
e.g. Peter N Lewis {}
or just the email address alone ( In this second case, the macro tries to derive the person's name and their organization directly from email address

It has its imperfections and I welcome any improvements, particularly to the regex.

Extract FirstName- FamilyName- Organization and email from sender.kmmacros (7.5 KB)


Thats great! Use it to answer mails to address someone.

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This is a really useful and powerful script, but I'm getting a lot of empty returns on everything except the derived names, especially on my university's Exchange server, where most return addresses have the form:

From: "Surname, F.H. (Firstname)" <>

On an email with this address, this macro returns:

  • FullName: blank
  • FirstName: H
  • FamilyName: Surname
  • Email:

Any thoughts on how I can tweak this to return, as FullName: "Firstname Surname"?

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Having changed jobs, my daily machine now runs Windows and so I am no longer making regular use of my macros!

The RegEx for this macro assumes email addresses in the form

and it also supports

Your university’s model

includes an extra full stop (or period) that I didn’t envisage and you will need to adapt the RegEx accordingly

Thanks! I even have colleagues with 3 or for initials.

So, I can just add another sequence of ([A-Za-z0-9]*?)_?\ – I assume?

((['-a-zA-Zàáâäãéèêëîïíôöòóûüùú])[ ](['-a-zA-Zàáâäãéèêëîïíôöòóûüùú][ ]['-a-zA-Zàáâäãéèêëîïíôöòóûüùú])[ ]?(['-a-zA-Zàáâäãéèêëîïíôöòóûüùú])?)?<?(([A-Za-z0-9]?)_?.([A-Za-z0-9]?)?.([A-Za-z0-9]*?)?.?([A-Za-z0-9]+)_?@([A-Za-z-])?.?([A-Za-z-]).[A-Za-z.]{2,6})>?