Keyboard Maestro Forum Loading Issue on MS Edge iPad

Not sure if others have encountered the same problem, when I choose to load the forum from the Favorite sites on MS Edge iPad, it first loads a blank page. After tapping the refresh button, it then loads the page properly.

The same thing happens after some time of idle, when I open MS Edge on iPad, switch to the forum tab, it is a blank page again. I have to tap the refresh button to show the content.

This is what I get with Safari on my iPad regularly;

A refresh clears the issue to what it should look like:

This looks like the mobile version vs. the desktop version. It’s better than mine, which is just a blank page. :joy:

That’s what I said.

Better than Edge but still annoying.

Ah. Sorry. I misunderstood. Even on iPad, we may choose to use the desktop layout. So I thought you were unaware of the setting.

Still, a mobile layout is better than my blank page. haha~

My turn to clarify: I was referring to using Safari on my iPad - which I have it set to always request the desktop site. I don’t know why anyone might want the mobile version of a site.

Sorry for any confusion.