Keyboard Maestro Help Needed with Open Broadcaster Software


Using OBS on my new Mac Mini M1, but OBS hotkeys are not working at all.

This makes OBS almost useless, as I can not switch between scenes with shortcuts. I could work with KM mouse clicks on scenes, but with many scenes this gets difficult.

Any ideas or help about this?

What is "OBS"?
It is always best to spell out acronyms that are not very common when you first use them.

Possibly [Open Broadcaster Software | OBS]( ?


doesn't seem to be an Electron app, and does appear to be within the reach of KM Select or Show a Menu Item actions.

5 GUIs says:

Qt. Anything can happen. Run.

I believe the “Qt” is some sort of a cross-platform UI tool, but I’m not entirely sure.

Sorry, thought OBS is so well known, yes open broadcaster software.