Keyboard Maestro Lessons

Hi there everyone!,

is out there any Keyboard Maestro Guru willing to share he´s or her wisdom with this humble mortal?

In learning, I´m kind of old school, and I prefer listen to an expert person-to-person than kicking my self in the wild, not knowing what to read first.

I really love the ideas behind KM macros (specially the ones that you can run in web pages, and services), and I want some real lessons, and I´m willing to pay for it (hopefully I´m not alone).

Do you know any expert that is willing to spend, lets say 20 or 30 hours with my, giving me (or us, who knows!?) a well structured set of lessons to master the art of creating macros in the mac with KM?

Thank you very much, and keep on KMtering!

Hopefully someone will take you up on your request. In the mean time, these are some of the available resources:

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Thanks Peter!, have a nice weekend…

One of the greatest YouTube tutorials I have seen is this one. If you follow the playlist he goes into some really awesome and pretty advanced stuff too. Each tutorial builds off the last well too :smile:. Hope this helps!