Keyboard Maestro Macro Doesn't Run with Stream Deck

Why can't I do something simple with the Stream Deck plugin like run a macro? Where do I choose the Macro? All I want to do is simply click a button on my Stream Deck, open a finder folder, and then change the Stream Deck icon. Maestro leave out the most important action which is run a macro.

Even when Maestro finally figures out a device key it changes the icon once, doesn't open the folder or do anything else ever again. Why?

Shouldn’t “Triggered by the following” be checked?

And the Open Folder action is probably so fast that the first icon change is invisible.

Also, if you just want to run a Macro, I found the KMLink plugin much easier to use, but it might not play well with icon changes (I have not tried): GitHub - Corcules/KMlink: Streamdeck plugin to drive Keyboard Maestro


Yeah KMLink actually does what Maestro should out of the box. I figured it out it was the button configuration. Honestly I got fed up with the Stream Deck software and am returning it.

I use KMLink for everything unless I want to change the SD icon.

SD and KM is an amazingly versatile combo. I've spent quite a lot of time with it, so before you return it, I'd just like to offer my help with any problems you're having.


New SD user here. Please clarify this for me...if you decide to use KMLink instead of the stock KM StreamDeck plugin you cannot have a macro change the SD icon using the builtin KM action?

That is correct. That's because KMLink does not allow assigning a Button ID which KM needs to know which button to update the icon or title.

That's why I do the same thing as @noisneil, in that anything I don't need to update title/icon for, I use KMLink because it's easy to setup. But anytime I want to have a button title/icon updated via KM, I use the native method and assign it a unique ID.

Feel free to reach out to either @noisneil or I as him and I have talked about SD quite a bit these last few months and are glad to help get others up and running.


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Thanks @cdthomer, I have the mini so I'm just starting to dip my toes in. I'm sure I'll have more questions.