Keyboard Maestro Macro for Keyboard Maestro Macros > Quick Rename Action (in-app)



Decided to get meta and create a couple macros for speeding up beeps and boops while composing in Keyboard Maestro. This one is just a keyboard shortcut to rename an Action.

Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “Rename Action” Macro

Rename Action.kmmacros (35 KB)


Hey @pikemilsner,

See the Action Menu in the Keyboard Maestro Editor – there's a “Rename” menu item.



@ccstone — true, however there's no shortcut key for Actions > Rename so thats one mouse grab plus two clicks :wink:

I was just working on tooling and decided to write a keyboard-only rename Action function.


Hey @pikemilsner,

Keyboard Maestro has a Select or Show a Menu Item action, so it's easy to create a macro for that.

You can also change the keyboard shortcut in the System's Keyboard prefs.

So you don't have to monkey with positioning the cursor to perform the rename (which takes a mouse grab btw) – you can do everything from the keyboard.



@ccstone oh that's awesome!!
I'd been performing app-specific menu selections in such a roundabout way—I wasn't aware of the Select or Show Menu Items action. Thanks for the tip!