Keyboard Maestro: Multiple Site Search Macro

Keyboard Maestro: "Multiple Site Search” Macro

This macro searches multiple sites based off of a User searchterm prompt. Regular searches will search the top 4 search engines and place each search in it’s search engine tab. Selecting the Image Search check box will search Google and Bing Images only. Selecting the Video Search will search videos from Google/YouTube and Vimeo. These can all be used in combination as well by the Select All checkbox. You can add additional sites and modify if you wish. Don’t forget to enable it (disabled for user verification) and add your own trigger.

Multiple Site Search.kmmacros (102 KB)



Thank you for sharing this I will no doubt use this in the future. I modified it slightly to use pause until front window name instead of the image of the duck just incase someone is in dark mode.

Multiple Site Search.kmmacros (99.8 KB)

Here's a similar way to do this with AppleScript.

set searchQuery to text returned of (display dialog "Enter your question:" default answer "")

-- Search on Google
do shell script "open '" & searchQuery & "'"

-- Search on Bing (Microsoft Copilot)
do shell script "open '" & searchQuery & "'"

I am trying to make a macro to search multiple AI Site and not having much success at making this efficient. I have tried to use the form field but it is super hit and miss.

This doesn't seem to work for

-- Search on Microsoft Copilot
do shell script "open '" & searchQuery & "&showconv=1'"

-- Search on Microsoft Copilot Alt 
do shell script "open '" & searchQuery & "&showconv=1'"

If anyone has suggestions of how to tweak this I would love to know.
Search AI - New.kmmacros (24.4 KB)

Any particular reason for bouncing out to the shell? More efficient to, for example:

set searchQuery to text returned of (display dialog "Enter your question:" default answer "")

open location "" & searchQuery

No, none, thank you for that better way of doing it.

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If anyone does know of a way to search different AI's quicker with a single box by referencing their page boxes that would be greatly appreceated.

Search - AI Gemini.kmmacros (21.3 KB)

I can't seem to get the field for "Enter a prompt here" is there a way to have text pasted straight into this field?

I am guessing the best way once it is would be just to have Keyboard Maestro press the keystroke of enter.