Keyboard Maestro Not Working When Multiple User Accounts Logged In

When working on a computer with multiple user accounts, I have to completely log out of the other account in order to trigger macros via key command.
Everything works completely as expected if only one user is logged in, but as soon as I switch over and log into the other account and come back to mine, Keyboard Maestro stops working unless I completely log out of the other account.
The other account does not typically have Keyboard maestro running, but even if I open it and import all the same macros, I still have issues.

Also, it's specifically activating macros via key command that doesn't work. I can activate macros using MIDI triggers just fine.

Has anyone else run into such an issue??

I could not duplicate anything like that I am afraid.

There have very occasionally been reports about typing from one account going in to another account and such. None of that should ever be possible, but my guess is there is some sort of low level bug in the system that maybe afflicts only some people. Either that or it is hardware or software specific to some sort of hardware or driver.

Forgive a related--but probably dumb--newbie question. I'm a brand new user of KM. I run several "users" on my laptop and sometimes need to switch between them. Are Macros built from one "user" account available to another "user" account on the same machine.

And, does pparker88's concern about needing to log "users" out play any role for this setup?