Keyboard Maestro “Reset Safari” Macro

A one-stroke replacement for the missing "Reset Safari" menu item in El Capitan/Sarafi 9.0.1. Clears website data from the Preferences dialog, and clears history from the Safari menu.

Keyboard Maestro “Reset Safari” Macro

Reset Safari.kmmacros (5.6 KB)

But it seems to me that the second part of your script treats automatically the first one!... :wink:
[1]: /uploads/default/original/2X/8/8fca12fe5949c126b6711a60e56bde6168ff6408.jpg

I could be mistaken, of course, but my understanding of the latest version of El Capitan/Safari treat History and Website data as separate items. Clearing History from the menu only deletes browsing history. To also delete cookies, trackers, etc., you need to go to Preferences. That’s what prompted me to create this macro in the first place rather than simply selecting the “Clear History” command from the Safari menu. If anyone here knows more about this, I would be pleased to hear about it.

Hey DocSavage441…
With all the precautions, I could be wrong of course (I’m French and I do not master English well enough, sorry …).
To be sure, here is a procedure.
Launch Safari, open software preferences, click on the Privacy tab and look at the number of sites that have deposited cookies (under the big button Remove all website data …).
Then close the window and go to the Safari menu -> Clear History.
Finally, return to Safari preferences, always Privacy tab: there should not be any registered sites!.. :wink: