Keyboard Maestro “Safari image to file” Macro

Keyboard Maestro “Safari image to file” Macro

Safari image to file.kmmacros (4.2 KB)

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With significant help from others esp. Peter Lewis, I wrote this to simulate an old Quickeys macro.

It lets me copy to the clipboard then save an image to a folder called Waystation in my Documents directory. The pause seems necessary to cope with large images and the final set Clipboard to text effectively empties the clipboard.

At times, when the image comes from an indirect source it can hang. There may be better ways to extract the images that would avoid this. If others have any ideas on it I’ll be delighted.


Do you mind if I ask what the workflow is for and the end goal. It helps me visualize how others are automating.

John hi,

What it lets me do is save an image from Safari with a single mouse (trackball) click. So, if I’m going through a load of images of woodturned items I can just click on each image I like and they get saved into, in this case, Waystation. If this was not there I would have to click and drag on each one.

I used Quickeys for many many years but as it hasn’t been updated in ages and is staring to cause a variety of conflicts I wanted to move to KM as an up to date versatile system. So in summary, with one click the image under the cursor (in Safari in this instance) is saved to a folder.

I hope that helps.

Regards, Richard