Keyboard Maestro Seems to Kill Winamax Regularly


I have a problem with KB. it is that suddenly KB kills a program (winamax) only this program and I have to re-enter the username and password again...

It happens to me every day, and there are days that more than once, but it does not follow a pattern of time or cause-effect.

Is it possible to see some log to discover why it does it to me? Or does anyone know why it could be?

Thank you

While it's possible this has nothing to do with KM, one way to check would be to run this macro by @ccstone, shortly after you notice Winamax being killed off.

It will display a list of recently run macros along with timestamps of when they were run. If a macro coincides with the issue you're experiencing, you can investigate from there.

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OK, thanks. I will try.

Hey @keyboardoscar,

Presumably by “Kb” you mean Keyboard Maestro – yes?

In future please use a more representative abbreviation or full name.

KM and KBM are widely recognized, but Kb looks like Kilobytes...

You can find Keyboard Maestro's logs through the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help menu:


Keyboard Maestro shouldn't be killing or quitting any application, unless you explicitly told it to in a macro.

Why are you certain Keyboard Maestro is the culprit?


Hello, thanks for answering. The application only closes when KBM is open, I have tried to play with KBM closed and I have not had any problems.

In the logs I have not found anything abnormal

At the moment I'm doing tests and I've deactivated a script and it's been 4 days without it being closed, so I guess it's because of that, although they don't have any unusual characteristics that would kill the application.

This is the script that I have disabled:


If you use the support email address to make a bug report, Peter will see it.

Contact Keyboard Maestro Support

The found-image action is highly processor intensive, and your game is likely also – so it's not just shocking that there would be a problem.

Are you getting a system crash report when your game crashes?