Keyboard Maestro slow/laggy after Sonoma upgrade

I recently upgraded my Mac OS to Sonoma 14.0. Since upgrading, some keyboard maestro processes have become very slow.

For example, Keyboard Maestro takes about 30 seconds to open; when choosing Add Action>By Name... menu, it takes about 15 seconds for the field to appear (whether by menu selection, shortcut command-control-A, or clicking the "+" on the bottom bar of the editor.

In the Activity Monitor, during the slow process, the Keyboard Maestro app goes into "Not Responding" mode for several seconds at a time (but CPU usage never gets above 4%). Other KM processes stay active and never have significant CPU usage...when the lag is occurring.

Even simple text editing actions take several seconds (e.g. command-A for Select All; sometimes deleting text using the delete key). This appears to only be happening in Keyboard Maestro, not other apps.

There are a lot of bugs (not specifically KM related, just in general) being reported with Sonoma, but this is a new one (to me) and definitely sounds odd. I'm tagging @peternlewis (the developer) so he can chime in.

That being said, I’m sure you’ve tried the obligatory restart app, restart computer etc.?

I'd take a look at Activity Monitor to see what's going on. Something may be hogging the CPU (like Spotlight) after an upgrade.

Yes, even after restart it takes about 30 seconds for KM to become open and functional. (Editor will appear but rainbow wheel remains.)

Immediately after starting KM, showing the Insert By Name search field may take a full minute. Subsequent showing Insert By Name takes much less time (10-20 seconds).

The process "syspolicyd" hits about 45% CPU, whether upon opening or closing KM, or showing the Insert By Name search field. No other process hits high CPU usage for more than a very brief period (a second or two, and even that's rare).

I had a similar issue years ago. I was informed to delete everything out of my login items (system settings) and then add any needed startup items back one at a time. This was due to a corrupted login file. Don't know if it was a fluke but I haven't had problems since then and slimming down my macro plist file.

Yes, lots of reports of syspolicyd with high CPU usage about that level for various operating system upgrades back a while. It may not have finished examining all your installed software for security issues.

Get an Activity Monitor sample of Keyboard Maestro when this is happening.

As a bit of a long shot, if you use 1Password, try disabling Spotlight and third party integration in its Advanced preferences (if that resolves the problem you can re-enable it and the problem will likely not recur).

The 1Password trick solved this problem for me — thanks for the tip !


I had the same problem. After you told me to disable Spotlight in 1Password the problem was resolved. However, re-enabling the setting in 1Password cause the problem to return. So, that setting - at least for now - remains off.

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