Keyboard Maestro with Pro-Tools

I use the Izotope RX5 with Pro-Tools. Instead of opening up the RX5 software, I prefer to use the plugins that automatically load into Pro-Tools. I want to automate “de-clicking” a piece of audio. Here’s what I do within PT:

-Select a section of audio (I can do that manually)
-Click on “AudioSuite”
-Drop down to “Noise Reduction”
-Select “iZotope RX 5 De-click” (and the De-click box pops up)
-I click on the “Preset” drop down within that De-click box
-I choose the “FullDeclick” option (which I previously created)
-I click on “Render” (It renders)
-I hit backspace on Pro-Tools twice (so I can then “Play” and hear if it worked)

No clue how to do this. Don’t have time to spend hours trying to figure it out. The “Record” function doesn’t seem to work for this. If you have tips, awesome. If this takes more effort, I’d be happy to pay someone to walk me through this.


I don’t use RX5 or Pro Tools, so I am flying blind with this, but generally when controlling the UI of these sorts of wacky applications (by which I just mean, applications with complex custom UI) the primary tools are:

For example, to select a drop down menu, you might do something like:

  • Click relative to an image of the drop down menu’s title or some other image at a fixed offset from the drop down)
  • Pause to allow the menu to appear
  • Insert Text by Typing “Menu Name%Return%”

Judicious use of pause actions is required to allow the application and system to keep up.