Keyboard Maestro Working Directly with Filemaker Pro

Hi all,

I have many Keyboard Maestro macros that work with Filemaker Pro. Many of them gather some outside information such as safari links etc. and then all of the various Filemaker request steps are handled with KM Execute AppleScript steps.

Examples of AppleScript steps involve:

  • open file

  • trigger existing Filemaker scripts

  • open layout

  • find records

  • add records etc

  • this type of thing...

  • for the most part these Execute AppleScripts work fine. However, now I am wondering if there is someway to you have Keyboard Maestro work with Filemaker Pro directly without the need for AppleScript?

Thanks for advance for any suggestions - Dave

Generally, if AppleScript is available, and if you are comfortable with AppleScript, it is one of the best ways of automating - it has a well defined interface and is likely to continue working unless substantial changes are made to the target application, and is likely to be reliable and robust.


Thanks Peter. I will keep using AppleScript for now