Keyboard Maestro's Native Stream Deck Plugin Versus Kmlink Plugin

My KMLink have recently malfunctioned.

The macro just keep loading, and it won't fetch the macros from Keyboard Maestro anymore.

All previously preset and working buttons in SD have been nulled.

I've tried the following:

  1. Reinstall KM.
  2. Reinstall Streamdeck Software.
  3. Reinstall KMLink plugins.
  4. Check and provide all access rights within MacOS to both SD and KM softwares.
  5. Erase and delete my MacOS internal drives for clean wipe out. Repeat 1-4.

Any idea what and where went wrong? All advises are much appreciated.
I just couldn't find the root cause anymore.

KMLink was so buggy I forced myself to learn how to use KM's way. With the help of folks here, I finally understood it, and boy howdy, I would never in a million years go back to KMLink.

Well, it's not very constructive, it could have been useful to report the bugs to me, here or on github. I'm surprised to hear "so buggy". What does it mean ?
I may be rebellious to add new features to KMLink but i don’t want to let a bug that i could fix. But i need to know the bug…

KMLink is really not so complicated. It just must be able to read the KM Macros dictionary there:
/users//library/application support/ keyboard maestro/keyboard maestro macro.plist
If this file is not there or for some reason is not readable, KMLink will load forever.
Can you check that and let me know ?


Appreciates your response, corcules.

I couldn't be sure if this is the issue as I've reverted my MacOS via Time Machine to the day before I installed Keyboard Maestro for the first time and it seems to work with KMLink already.

I'll be sure to check this out if the same incident reoccured in the future (touch wood it doesn't).

Thank you.