Keyboard Mastero equivalent to Automator's "watch me do" action?

Hey There!

I'm just wondering if there is an equivalent to Automator's "Watch Me Do" action in Keyboard Maestro.

It's different to the record button in Keyboard Maestro because a "Watch Me Do" action actually looks for buttons and text fields to click rather than locations or images on your computer screen. It also has an automatic wait/timeout system, and it moves the mouse across your screen smoothly instead of teleporting it.

So far I've had to make my own "Function" (if you can call it that) with a timeout and it's almost more tedious to make than actually doing my work, since I have to take a screenshot of the thing I want to click on, for each action individually.

Any help is appreciated!

Basically, no, the closest is recording.

You'll get much better results if make your own macro using KM's actions. Automator's "Watch Me Do" is very clever but relies heavily on Accessibility features, which many developers (including Apple, unfortunately) are less-than-perfect at implementing in their apps, along with private Apple APIs.

Start with a plan of what you want to do, which is as simple as doing the job manually and writing down each and every action you take and decision you make. You can then go through that, matching the steps with KM Actions that do what you want, Conditions you can use to make decisions, along with the Tokens and Functions you can use to get data from and give data to the app you are working with.

If you haven't looked at it yet, give the manual a quick skim -- that'll introduce you to some basic concepts and, importantly, give you a clue where to look when you've a specific question.

If you're ever stumped for more than 5 minutes, ask here -- the Forum is amazingly friendly and helpful.

Have a go at the above with the thing you're doing in your Automator screen shot. If you get stuck, post your "plan" (including the URL of the page you are starting from) in a new thread, explain where you're stuck, if you've managed to get part-way then post your macro as well.

And do remember that this isn't an "either/or". If you've got a recorded Automator Workflow you're happy with you can run it from a KM macro. So you could write a macro that, when triggered with a hot key combo, sets your workspace up just as you need, then fires the Workflow and, when the Workflow's completes, tidies up again. Best of both worlds!