Keyboard problems

Apple Mac Pro (early 2009) 4,1->5,1
macOS 10.13.6
101 key exended keyboard

Hello, I know this isn't a Keyboard Maestro question, per se, but I figured if there is a community that is likely to know one end of a keyboard from the other, it's probably this one!

A whole bunch of my keys have all stopped working at the same time, namely the , , ` and esc keys. I'm not aware of any physical damage or spillage which may have occurred, but the fact that I was able to replace the keyboard with another where the corresponding keys are working, makes me lean towards some sort of hardware failure being the cause.

Googling revealed a few people who had had similar problems with the same set of keys, so I'm not 100% convinced it isn't an OS problem, though. I tried to carry out an SMC reset as per this page, but I'm not sure if it worked - there was no reassuring message saying "SMC reset worked - Happy Days!".

Thoughts, anyone?

I'm not a nerd in things now, but you have the non-functioning keyboard like this:

"Test in another user account if the keyboard works there. If so, you should remove recently installed software under your own user account."

Have you tried?

Thanks for the reply. I tried this just now but sadly it didn’t work.


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I guess, you checked this out already:

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