Keyboard Shortcut Conflict Troubleshooting Utility?

Is there a utility that can help troubleshoot conflicting keyboard shortcuts?

Something that catalogs all universal keyboard shortcuts would sure be useful.

For example Command-Shift-P doesn't work in the Chrome browser and I suspect that shortcut is being used or blocked but nothing happens when I try to use it. The same shortcut exists in the Finder for closing file previews but that shouldn't interfere when Chrome is in focus?

I googled and found an app called KeyCue v10 which costs roughly $25 which claims that it can "display a table with all available application specific keyboard shortcuts as well as system-wide hotkeys."

I found a thread on this site where it appears that PeterNLewis is suggesting that people consider that app. I guess that means it's not easy to do in KM.

In the footnotes of the KeyCue app I found this:

KeyCue can display arbitrary shortcuts found in other applications, but it needs some support by these applications. We have defined a simple interface that allows other applications to tell KeyCue about available keyboard shortcuts.

We invite software developers to use this interface. It is easy to implement and leads to an immediate benefit for both application developers and KeyCue users, as arbitrary applications can use KeyCue to display a "cheat sheet", and KeyCue can display all shortcuts found in an application, not only those that are tied to menu commands.

This tells us that the task of getting shortcuts is very complicated and not 100% reliable. I found comments on both the KeyCue site and the KM site that KeyCue and KM cooperate and work together. So both of these product developers are trying to make their utilities compatible with each other.


KeyCue does in fact directly support the Keyboard Maestro Editor app and macro HotKey Triggers.

It also supports all properly written macOS apps' normal keyboard shortcuts.

I've used it for well over 10 years now.

I am a Keycue user myself but what I am specifically looking for is a way to see system-wide hotkeys so I can see any conflicts where the same key combinations conflict with each other. AFAIK Keycue does not show all the system-wide hotkeys. It only shows the MacOS Finder ones. I am following up with Ergonis about this.