Keyboard Shortcuts in Clipboard History Switcher?

Hi. I'm brand new to KM, and am learning to use the clipboard history switcher. Question: Is there a keyboard shortcut available to to paste any of the numbered entries, such that I could hit key-combo-2, key-combo-3, etc.? Thanks.

Hey Jeffrey,

No, but you can roll-your-own if you want to:

Clipboard History Switcher user manual section

Set Clipboard to Past Clipboard action

Paste action

Delete Past Clipboard action

Report back if you get stuck.


Thanks for helping me to get started, Christopher.
Jeff Frankel

@ccstone I've read all the links. It doesn't tell you how to create shortcuts for switcher window? How do I open Gear Icon without mouse? How can I do all the toolbar actions without mouse?

That's right. You can't do that.

When I said roll-your-own, I quite literally meant it (outside of the clipboard switchers).


Keyboard Maestro doesn't like duplicate entries in the clipboard manager, so I've had to work around this by adding an ellipsis to the text in 'tempClip' before placing it on the clipboard.

At the end you see where I delete the ellipsis, and this leaves the clipboard history intact the way it started.

You can do great many things with the clipboard with macros, but you can't change much about the built-in Clipboard History window.