Keyboard stroke not working when using Trigger Macro by Name [SOLVED]

I have a macro that has the Trigger Macro by Name action. On the Initial Search field I would like to add a certain character (=), but then have the right arrow keystroke, because when I trigger that macro, the character is already selected so if I type something, it deletes the character, while I want to type after the character.

For example, the Initial Search needs to start with = and so when I trigger that macro, I want to be able to start typing after that, so the end result would be =app, without me having to press the right arrow key.

Is this possible at all? Adding the keystroke after the Trigger Macro by Name, doesn't work.


I was able to make it work by following the steps here: Unselect Initial search text in Trigger Macro by Name - #2 by ccstone