Keyboard vs Mouse Palette vs Stream Desk vs. Voice Control

I have been playing a bit with Voice Control on Catalina. This has me thinking of the optimum way to set up a workflow using KM.

I have gone the progression of first using KM for typical keyboard shortcuts, then a few macros based on palettes which activate by application and give me options with my mouse, then a Stream Deck which also changes by Palette, and now I am considering voice-enabled macros as the ability of Catalina to identify voice commands seems excellent.

Any thoughts about which of these is best for particular use cases?

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I’ve yet to get to Catalina but I’d’ve thought voice commands slower and pickier than just pressing a button. (You have to remember the commands, for one.)

On the other hand, carrying around one less piece of kit is a plus.

On the other other hand :slight_smile: , I wonder how well it works to be barking commands in public. Whether the environment is noisy or not.

I agree this only makes sense in private office. As for the speed, it seems that is very much dependent upon the name you give the command –respond much quicker to short but clearly unique phrases or words. That said, Voice recognition on Catalina is clearly very much hey strong drain on CPU resources-It seems to be a way to set up a very powerful workflow but only on and an usually well equipped Mac.