KeyboardMaestro & IllustratorCS6 macro・・・・

The first time you post .

I work with the Illustrator in Japan .
I want to control the Adobe Illustrator in the Keyboard Maestro . However, it is also often do not know .
Please help me.

Xn mm , n times a group of objects in the X direction , duplication . Followed by Yn mm in the Y direction , m times , duplication .
For example, X direction , 100 mm , to replicate twice . Then , Y direction , to replicate 50 mm three times .
Such a work is , every day , there are a lot .

I am writing in the Google translation . Meaning is being transmitted or worry .

Thank you for reading to the end .

Sorry @Nobio, Keyboard Maestro may be able to help you, but people will end more clarity to be able to answer your question, and Google translation is not really up to this sort of precision.

The best bet would be to find someone who can speak both Japanese and English well and ask them for assistance in posting a clear description of what you are trying to accomplish, or alternatively if there is a Japanese speaker on the forum who can help that might work.

Otherwise it is going to be extremely difficult for folks to understand what you are trying to accomplish, and Illustrator is definitely not the easiest application to control.

Hello, Peter.

Thank you for the email.

It’s okay.

I found a Java script that would be helpful.

See it is Japanese.

The problem is the error in the points and millimeters.

I’ll do my best.

Thank you.

We were able to make me wanted macro.
(By using the calculated value of the repeated duplication of scripts and correction)

Thank you.