KeyCue 8

KeyCue 8 was released recently.

KeyCue shows you the available command keys, and it can also interoperate with Keyboard Maestro and show you your available macro hot keys.

Ergonis Software has made available a coupon code, KC8L, which you can use to purchase KeyCue for a 30% discount valid until April 8.

Normal price ~ $22.69 U.S.
Discounted ~ $15.88 U.S.

It’s not for everyone, but if you use as many keyboard shortcuts as I do it’s very handy.

I’ve been using it since 2010, and it’s saved me quite a bit of hair pulling.


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If this feature (a pop-up screen displaying macros and shortcuts) ever became a native part of Keyboard Maestro, I’d be delighted. I like the idea of KeyCue, but running a separate utility feels like overkill for my needs.

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Hey Jim,

There’s a reason KeyCue is a fairly expensive stand-alone utility.

A good freeware alternative is CheatSheet, although it does NOT list Keyboard Maestro keyboard shortcut like KeyCue does.


I have KeyQue 8, but it isn’t showing any of Keyboard Maestro’s hotkeys. Is there a preference that needs to be enabled? I do not see any.

In KeyCue settings, make sure that "macro hotkeys" is checked for the trigger that you want to show KM macros.

Just found it when I came back and saw your note. Thanks.

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Thanks Peter, just bought it. I tried Keycue a few years back and this new version is great.

I’m another Keyboard Maestro and KeyCue 8 user who thought KeyCue wasn’t showing KM macros, because I expected KM macros to show up in the “regular” KeyCue table that is displayed when one holds down the Command key. KeyCue puts KB macros in a separate table that is displayed when one holds down the Control key. Docs are a bit sketchy, so it took me a while to discover this :smile: