Another product from the owner of Typinator, KeyCue, just had an update so that it will show Typinator macros (from a defined set) that you can access from a KeyCue menu that you pop open with a simple keystroke. KeyCue already will do the same thing for KeyboardMaestro macros. So we can use KeyCue to pop menus open for both products.

This looks really interesting. It's cool that KeyCue and Keyboard Maestro work together - it's nice to see developers working together like this.

For anyone who tries out KeyCue, one tip: If you want to see KM shortcuts, hold down the Control key. The Control key does not need to be part of the KM hotkey - it's just KeyCue's way of displaying a different menu.

Quick question:

What does the blue circle with the white "hole" in the middle mean?

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You’re not limited to press control to activate. See KeyCue settings to configure actions and triggers. Maybe the blue dot is “conflict”?

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Thanks. I didn’t mean to imply that was the only way to do it - I just wanted to show one way, because I had to search to find the answer. But you make a good point also.

No, I have it all over the place, and not just with KM macros. I’ll send an email to them to find out.

FYI, I got a quick response from the KeyCue people. The blue dots are just how that particular theme displays hotkeys that match the key being held down, which in the case of the above picture, was the control key.

Good deal. Never saw that dot, but I’ve never used that template. I guess you must have the Executive Professional Premium Deluxe version :laughing:


Nah, just the defaults for the latest version. I already changed the theme. :slight_smile:

I just purchased Keycue today, I was wondering if anybody has a good tutorial on how to use it?


KeyCue is great.

An added bonus is that it allows you to scan all the menu items of the current App without having to open each menu in turn. Like in situations where you know there is a menu option to say, "List Previous Recipients" but you think, "is that in the File menu, or perhaps the Window menu, or it could be in the Message menu?" and you end up opening each in turn and still miss the item... KeyCue just shows all the menu items and their shortcuts in one go.

EDIT - Ha! I've just realised that KeyCue doesn't show any menu items without shortcuts so the exact example I just gave above doesn't work as "List Previous Recipients" doesn't have an assigned shortcut :slight_smile:︎ I wonder if there is an option to have it show all menu items even if they don't have a shortcut already assigned...

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