Keystroke problem to UA console

In my system (macOS Catalina) the command+F10 keystroke send a command (mute) to my UA thunderbolt soundcard console software. This keystroke always working. In all situations, in all programs. But in KM macros doesn’t work. My all other macros are perfect. I had same problem with previous version of MacOS and KM. Any idea?

Do you mean when you simulate the keystroke it doesn't cause the behaviour (mute) you desire?

Yes. Nothing happens. Same problem when I write and try this part of macro.

I believe that Catalina doesn't support triggering hot keys with simulated keys for function keys or arrow keys, but weirdly does allow it for other keys.

So I think you're out of luck unless you can find an alternative way of doing the mute (like the Toggle System Sound Mute action perhaps).

Ok, I've already tried everything in KM. It's an old problem for me, not worked in Mojave neither. It seems UA console restriction. I can live without it. Otherwise this program (KM) is fantastic. Thanks for your help and support!

Maybe KM has the same keystroke in there twice? What happens if you trigger it through a palette?

No way, because I have two other keystroke for UA Console (command F11 and command F12 - decrease and increase volume) and also do not work in KM. If they were working in macro (twice or repeatedly) the volume would increase or decrease.
These key combinations are not in UA software file menu, but works fine out of the macros. I can use across VNC and Teamviewer even. How can I do through a palette? I never tried this variation.