Keystrokes and inserting text don’t work in AWS Workspaces app

I do a significant amount of work in Amazon’s Workspaces app (essentially a virtual desktop), but I can’t seem to use any of the KM keystroke or text insert (pasting or typing) actions to work. I’ve tried different ideas for the past day, but am stuck. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

For completeness, do any of the standard Mac OS Clipboard key combinations work? For example Cmd+C, Cmd+V, Cmd+X ?

Hello Martin,

None of these commands work when executed from KM, but they do work in Workspaces when typed using the keyboard. Thank you.

Unfortunately, VMs, games, and cross platform applications do not always behave well, and sometimes use low level tricks to accomplish their goals.

Workspaces may be looking at the keyboard directly, or otherwise not reading the simulated event queue, in which case Keyboard Maestro will not be able to type to it, nor paste which requires Command-V to work.

You might be able to use:

  • Set Clipboard to Text
  • Select Menu Edit ➤ Paste

I can’t think of any other solutions that might work.