Keystrokes being typed out of order

I have a macro that uses Insert text by typing. For example, I have it type abcdef. Sometimes it functions properly. Sometimes it types the characters in the wrong order. For example, it might type cdefab.

Is there something I can do to get it to function properly every time?

I can pretty much guarantee that Keyboard Maestro adds each keystroke into the event queue in the correct order.

What is likely happening is that you have some other piece of software installed that is doing the equivalent of “pull a character out of the queue, look at it, and put it back if I don’t like it”. This works fine until the event queue gets more than one character in it at one time and then it fails dismally because you can’t “put it back” you can only add it to the end of the queue, resulting it out of order characters.

Spell Catcher X caused this sort of behaviour at one point, and I doubt it’s alone.

There doesn’t happen to be a list of culprit application around anywhere is there?

You might try “Insert Text by Pasting

Yes, I went to pasting rather than typing. I can’t figure out what might be interacting with the event queue to cause the out-of-order condition. Thx all.

Fwiw, I see the same thing (e.g., but not restricted to: “iKrby” instead of “Kirby”). Afaik, it only happens with the first two letters of whatever is being typed. I have not done any trouble-shooting. I have several winds blowing over the interface at any time — any one, or some combination, could very well produce this ripple.

Mine seems to be consistent with the first two characters appended to the end of the string. It is, as you say, the first two characters that are impacted.