Keystrokes not registering when in fullscreen game, how to fix?


So I am trying to create a macro where I can press the number 2 key and have it execute an insert text macro for the chat. The problem though, is that while the macro activates and functions perfectly when League of Legends isn’t fullscreen, when I am playing in fullscreen mode it fails to activate.

The only way I have been able to activate a macro while in fullscreen is binding it to CMD + TAB (which is natively used as the application switching keybind); no other keystroke seems to work.

Is there a workaround for this? Since my fps and latency is significant better when it’s running in fullscreen and not borderless windowed mode, I’d much rather be able to play in fullscreen mode and still be able to activate the macro with the number 2 key.

Thank you to anyone who can offer advice.

I’m afraid the system does not support hot keys in full screen mode (they are explicitly disabled, at least for some full screen modes).

You may be able to use USB Device Key triggers in full screen mode - they will not intercept the keystroke, but that may not matter within the game.

Thanks. I was actually able to find a workaround by using the program ControllerMate and then setting it to use a keybind to activate an applescript, which would tell KeyboardMaestro to run the macro I want.