Killing Background Process with No Window (homed)

Keyboard Maestro is an incredible utility, but I am having a really hard time figuring out how to accomplish this basic task.

What I want to do is: when AppA quits, kill the process "homed" without user intervention. Unfortunately homed has no window, is a system process.


Is this possible in Keyboard Maestro? I know how to set it to detect AppA quits, but the problem is getting "homed" to force quit.


Got it! Using "killall -9 homed" worked! Hooraaaay!!

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I'm no shell script expert, but my understanding is this should be possible with a simple killall homed command, which you can use in an Execute a Shell Script action:

Ya was one of the first things I've tried and unfortunately it doesn't work. Big Sur will admittedly re-launch homed (which is fine as long as the process gets killed and starts fresh) but the PID does not change in Activity Monitor while when Keyboard Maestro runs the script. In fact, nothing happens.

When I use kill function in Alfred, it changes the PID

EDIT: 1 thing to add is that I believe the script is the problem part. When I try Keyboard Maestro's "Try again" in right click menu on that script, it does nothing.

Help! :frowning:

Running Big Sur (latest) 11.5.2
Keyboard Maestro 9.2

It should also be noted this is what I run from Alfred that seems to kill the process. Not sure which alfred is taking. I tried running kill -9 homed in the keyboard maestro script but that didn't work either! Puzzling!


Update: the command is working for other apps like Plex or Discord, but not homed. :-\


Got it! Using "killall -9 homed" worked! Hooraaaay!!

here's an explanation of what -9 means:

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@cluttered I saw your post. killall didn't work for me (PID didn't change and homed never quit).

I had to use "killall -9 homemed" to get the homed process momentarily killed & the PID to change.

I am a happy man now :slight_smile: