KM 10 - Delay When Activating Menu Bar Group

The new KM looks fantastic

Question - this is an example of a very simple Macro Group which offers two macros to open web pages. It is set to be available in Google Chrome.

It works. However there is a notable delay (maybe 3-5 seconds) before the menu bar entry appears when focusing on Chrome, though it disappears instantly when focusing on a different application. The same delay is noted if I change the group to be available in any other application.

Why the delay?

I think I see the issue - the delay happens only when using Bartender

So it may be a Bartender question not a KM question

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I have seen the same behavior, and am currently emailing Bartender with a detailed breakdown of the issue and screen recordings so they can look into it. I'll report back when I hear from them.



I did the same – Ben Surtees is working through this and suggested this fix from Terminal – it did not work in my case however so we are still searching for an answer.

defaults -currentHost write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine "NSStatusItem Preferred Position Item-1" 370