KM 10 Upgrade - $18 or $25

I bought KM 8, upgraded to KM 9 on 12-8-2019. If I were to upgrade to KM 10, it cost US$18, right? But I am seeing US$25. Is that true for everyone?

(sorry for being cheapskate :slight_smile: )

Just upgraded. It's $18.
What I did was to first click the retrieve serial number button. The email contains a link to the upgrade page, which shows $18. Tax is added after clicking the order submit button. We need then resubmit the order to complete transaction.


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@cherry please under the link

Click on the Upgrade button (red arrow) and follow the instructions as described by @martin

The press release information states:

"Customers who purchased a prior version of Keyboard Maestro before March 1, 2021 can upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 10 US$25*. Until December 15, 2021, customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro version 9 before March 1, 2021 can upgrade for the discounted price of US$18*."


I did retrieve my license, which was sent to me via an email. Clicking the email link brings me to the website and it shows $25.

I see the same page as your screenshot. Clicking Upgrade from US$18 will bring me to the checkout page, which then shows US$25.

So, I think it is the oddity of my license (which is an upgrade from V8), or maybe country-specific :man_shrugging:

@cherry then contact

A coupon code was automatically entered for the upgrade. If you are eligible for the upgrade, they can certainly send you such a code.

Thank you. Turned out I bought V8 and received a free upgrade for V9. So V10 cost US$25. I have forgotten that the V9 was a free upgrade.

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