KM 7, El Capitan, Screens

I have an iMac that I keep some old apps running to not burden new mac with some CPU intensive tasks.
The old iMac is running El Capitan with KM 7.??, whatever the latest in the KM7.

I have a number KM macros that use keystrokes Command-C, etc.
When I connect to the iMac using Apple Screen Sharing, the Macros work fine.
When I connect using Screens(Edovia), the keystrokes used in Macros do not work.

Example, I have a Status Menu Script (On the El Capitan iMAC) that opens specific files in bbedit, Open File 1, Command-A, Delete, Command-S, Open file 2, etc
When I run it using Screen Sharing, it works fine.
When I run it using Screens, I see each file opening, but text not selected, deleted or saved as empty.

I am not sure why the connection makes a difference on the Macro running on the remote computer.

I am not sure if this problem has always been there as I haven't needed the Screens connection in quite a while.

Any suggestions on where to look for the culprit?

Brett Phagan

Ok. I figured out the issue.
I recently started using curtain mode in Screens and that is what was blocking the keystroke actions in macros.
Disabling curtain mode and they are now working as expected.

Brett Phagan