KM 8 slowness on macOS High Sierra and paste issues

Hello, I’m having issues with my KM 8, when I turn on my computer everything works as expected, I use my KM with no problems and the computer works fine with no problem, over the time I keep using KM for pasting scripts over some terminals but after a couple of hours I see slowness on my laptop, there’s no high CPU spikes or Memory consumption on the app but when I close the application everything start to work as expected.

My computer version 10.13.3
MacBook Pro 2017
Memory 16GB

When I say slowness I notice because my mouse is unresponsive and the dock menu freezes for a couple of seconds.

Second issue: I use KM to past scripts already saved on my KM, I tried to use the option “paste” but is not working, the only way that works if it’s I use the type option. Any suggestions?

Thanks and regards

That sounds like a memory issue, perhaps a memory leak in Keyboard Maestro or a system API that it uses. Check the Keyboard Maestro Engine memory usage.

I don't know what you mean by this, but if it is an independent question, please post it as an independent topic with a clear subject line so we can resolve it.