KM and Dragon Dictate

Just thought I would share how much fun I’m having using KM and Dragon Dictate together. I’ve been mapping KM AppleScript scripts to create voice commands in Dictate. Talk about reducing the number of clicks and keyboard shortcuts I have to use. They both work together so well. Apple’s dictate program, and Automator have similar functions, but Dictate is much more advanced, especially using KM macros.


Could you please give an example of how you go about it?

Here’s examples of voice commands I’ve created:

Lower and increase volume
Lower and increase screen brightness
Play selected iTunes playlists
Move back and forth between Safari tabs
Quickly open selected bookmarks
Copy the URL of the front most Safari window
Create in send emails
Copy and paste text
Opening quit and applications
Close Finder windows
Perform Google searches
Click on links in Google plus pages
Tell iTunes to play next song
Create and send Twitter posts
Clicking buttons, e.g. Save, cancel, Don’t Save

Dragon Dictate has hundreds of default commands, but I particularly like triggering KM macros using Dictate. So between KM, Dictate, and BetterTouchTool, I have several ways to trigger tasks without using keyboard shortcuts.

Chris, if I get some time, I might do a video tutorial on this. But let me know if my reply makes sense, and if you have any more questions.

Thanks Bakari, that is very useful. I am a recent user of KM and although I have had Dragon Dictate for quite a while, I don’t use it as much as I would like because I share an office with my wife and it frankly feels weird talking to the computer! It had not occurred to me that I could use the two programs in concert but of course it makes good sense and I look forward to trying it out.

I suppose the obvious first question I have is, how do you address KM? Do you for example use a hot key trigger and then tell Dragon to “Press the key…”


Hey Chris, I know how you feel about using DD when someone else is around. Luckily I can close my office door and dictate freely.

In terms of voice commands, DD allows for global and app specific commands, like KM. So for example, I can just say, "Lower volume" from within any application, and DD will trigger that KM macro. The same goes for, "Play jazz," which triggers the KM macro for playing my jazz playlist in iTunes.

Some voice commands are for when I'm working a specific application. For instance, when I'm in Mail, I can say, "Reply to this message," which is built-in DD command. You can build voice commands in DD to trigger menu items, download an inputed URL, an AppleScript script, and much more, similar to KM.

I’ve been using DD off and on for many years for writing dictation, but I recently started using more system voice commands to trigger tasks. I get so tired of clicking and using keyboard shortcuts. I especially like the global which I can send while browsing a website, or as I'm writing an article. For example, if I need to quickly search a topic, I can say, "Search Google," and it triggers the Alfred window to open, and then I dictate the term in the window, and then say, "Click Return," which initiates the search. All this is done without me having to type or lift my hands off the keyboard. Hope that makes sense.

Most of my voice commands are built off of existing KM macros, so all I have to do is copy and paste the AppleScript script into a custom DD command.

@Bakari45 didn't mention that you get the AppleScript to execute straight from Keyboard Maestro at the bottom of the trigger section, is a popup menu for Or by script which you can select Or by AppleScript to see/copy the code you need.

Thanks, Peter. I’m hope I can get around to doing a video tutorial on this. The voice commands save time and clicks.

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Thanks Peter. In fact I came across a couple of articles on the web, written by Bakari some time ago where he described this. It is an extremely useful facility and I am now having fun with the dictation stuff myself.

That would be very useful Bakari

I’ll try to put something out next week.

So far here's all the actions I voice dictate in KM, using Dragon Dictate. Both these applications work so great together.

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This looks cool Bakari, have you made the video on this yet? It would make it a lot easier to see how it’s done.

Duncmac, I created a demo video that you can see here.

I’d be happy to create a video, but let me know what type of instructions you’re looking for. Are you familiar with the basics of using DD and KM? Are you looking for a video to get started with DD voice commands? I would like to tailor the video the needs of users like yourself.

Thanks for the video Bakari, it’s given me a great idea of the potential for using DD and KM for using voice commands to get repetitive tasks done. I do have DD, however I’ve not really persevered with it as I had problems with accuracy. That maybe down to the mic I’m using, it’s a Samson Go Mic it’s a pretty decent USB mic.

I think I’ll try DD again, purely with commands and see how it goes.

As regards a further video, I need to start using some DD commands and see how I get on. That way I’ll soon discover what I need help with and can follow up here.

Dunmac, yeah as for a mic, I use the TableMike USB 3-in-1. It’s fairly expensive, but after I started using Dragon Dictate on a regular basis, I felt that it made for a good investment. And like I say in the video, it allows me to dictate with music playing in the background. Dragon Dictate takes a lot of practice, and it is certainly not 100% accurate in terms of understanding your dictations. But the more you practice with it, the better it becomes. One thing for sure, it never misspells a word, and the Mac commands see more accurate and responsive than the text commands. So anyway, keep in touch and let me know how I can assist you.

Thanks Bakari, I’m going to have to invest some time in DD and maybe switch mic too.

Bakari, I need someone to help me program. Are you available for hire?