KM Antidote For Corporate Rage

Some people have road rage. Me: When I find myself on the phone with a rep for hours, trying to fix a small over-charge on a phone bill, for example, I get really frustrated and mad (not to the rep directly - but internally).

Today, after several hours of wasting my time on the phone -- with my phone provider - I realized (1) I can interact with them in the chat box and (2), I can be as stubborn as the rep: I created the simplest macro in the universe (see attached). All it does is insert the phrase, "I'd like to speak with a supervisor, please" and then, it types return. After 8 seconds or so, it does it again. and again and again. This allowed me to focus on other tasks while the macro did the work - until the rep eventually caved in and got hold of a supervisor!

As a side benefit, my anger disappeared