KM Application Switcher: Transparency of Hidden Apps


I've searched for a solution but didn't found one in this forum.

In the macOS application switcher all app icons are shown in 100% opacity - no matter if they are hidden or not.

In the KM application switcher the hidden applications are dimmed to round about 50% opacity. How can I deactivate that? I want all app icons in 100% opacity.

Any hint/help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes,


Follow up question: What's the purpose of having KM override default macOS application switcher?

If you don't like it turn the macro off or change the hotkey trigger.

Don't want to hijack the thread further, but yeah, I already did. Just thought it was a curious choice for an add-on for KM when I installed it.

I don't like it and don't use it, but you'd have to ask Peter about the design choices involved.

I do use the window switcher from time to time, but I'm not crazy about it either.

That's easy to answer - normally I have between one and two dozen of apps open, average the half of them hidden.

The KM app switcher is clearer and more compact then the macOS core one. On a big screen a long list from the left to the right is not very ergonomic. These apps in a compact window in the middle of the screen, displayed in two row is much easier to overwiew.

But the dimmed app symbols irritate me because when half of the icons are dimmed to 50% it considerably weakens the distinguishability.

I am able to switch the background color of the KM application switcher, I can change the size of the app symbols but I am unable to change the behaviour of the display of hidden apps. This presentation differs from the normal one in the macOS app switcher. Why?

And - as described the KM app switcher is much better for me except this one option. So why should I turn that off and use the macOS app switcher when there could be a possibility to adapt this to my needs? I generally understand KM as a software created to support individual needs :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks. That was the Information I needed. I'll write him :slight_smile:

You don't need to – he'll see that I pinged him on the forum with his handle name and chime in.

Although you can always contact Keyboard Maestro Support

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No, there is no control for that.

Keyboard Maestro’s application switcher provides various functions that Apple’s didn’t/doesn’t. Things like always including specified applications, optionally including applications that have recently been quit, force quitting applications, etc.

Also, if you read the History of Keyboard Maestro, Keyboard Maestro actually grew out of Application Switcher for Classic Mac OS. So in a very real sense, a better question is why did Apple feel the need to implement an application switcher when Michael Kamprath’s Application Switcher already existed…

But of course, if you prefer Apple’s, by all means disable Keyboard Maestro’s.

Hello Peter,

Thanks a lot for your answer. To be clear - I like the KM's app switcher much more than the one from Apple as I described. With all icons in the same manner it would be perfect. I wrote that question because I have difficulties with a kind of colour-blindness and the eyes of an elderly man whos sight is unfortunately no longer the best. And more contrast means better visibility for me. The symbols with 50% opacity make it harder to recognise them for me.

All in all, I would therefore be pleased if this option could perhaps be realised at some point in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this amazing piece of software.


I like the KM App Switcher. I use it with one of the buttons on my Wacom pen so that I can easily switch apps without reaching for the keyboard.

I agree the faded app icons are not great. My preference would be for fully opaque icons, perhaps adding a small dot below the active apps like the macOS dock. I'd also be happy to hide the application titles that appear on hover.